Wednesday, July 20, 2005

LEGO Factory Sets

Okay... if you haven't heard from Jake's web-site or LUGNET, there's three new sets coming out branded 'LEGO Factory'. Now, they're cool sets & a great source of rare/hard to find pieces. Initially, there were 10 MicroMOC sets designed by people in the LEGO community, using software LEGO wrote (for PC only). Theses 10 MicroMOC were selected as winners.

Now here's the problems I have with it. They're priced $40, $70, $130 respectively. Now, I'm an AFOL with limited money & I'm looking for a great value for my buck. On one hand, they do have some great pieces in hard to find colors, but on the other hand, sets are going on clearance. Another thing, I'd be willing to buy multiple sets if they were priced at around $10-$25; I'm only going to be able to afford one set at $40-70. Over time as money become available, I could buy a set here or there at the $10-$25 dollar range, but not many at the current price.

I've read Jake's comments about why they made 3 sets vs. 10 (or any number in between) -- a business & marketeering decision. With people (and businesses) tightening their belts, I think smaller cheaper sets would had been the ticket. I commend that Jake & his group got the sets to market.. but I'll comment more on this in the next BrickNebula podcast...

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