Monday, January 16, 2006

LEGO Antique Toys & Dolls Collection To Be Offered

To quote from the article:
"As collecting has grown over the years, and dolls and toys are reaching stratospheric prices within an arena of hundreds of thousands of dollars, collectors have become just as concerned for the preservation of these precious objects as a museum might be. Any collector who pays $100,000 for a doll will most certainly work to display and cherish that object in the same way a museum does. In some ways even better, as the financial and emotional ties are stronger."

That's an interesting spin on dumping a whole collection on to the market... I wonder why they haven't found another museum to house the items or take over the collection? I see it was offered... I wonder where the proceeds from the auction will go to?


I remember listening on NPR a few weeks ago about the high cost of up-keeping a museum -- the cost of staff, utilities, cost of restoration. On top of that, they have problems of having enough room to display everything and those things they can't be displayed, don't always get stored properly -- a lot of donated items become damaged over time... So I sympathize, but wonder why the change...

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