Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Old Lego Catalogs

My BrickLink shop is closed until 2/27, so I can settle up with current orders... In the mean time, I've been adding catalogs and instructions to the shop. The funny thing is, I was flipping through an American Lego catalog from 2003 -- there's is a slight number difference (4200364 vs. 4200116) -- trying to notice any picture difference between the two catalogs -- there was none. But as I was flipping through, I'm thinking, damn... I wish the sets from 2003 were still around for me to buy; I wouldn't mind having another 2-3 copies of this set... and that set... And then I realize, it was back before the gray/brown color change... That's why I'm so fond of some of the sets from 2003.

Then I hit the Galidor page and realize, maybe it wasn't so great in 2003...

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