Friday, September 8, 2006

Batman Video Game?

A Batman video game in the works? (Another article here) Now why didn't the LEGO Group mention something like this at BrickFest... that would have been much more interesting than a new Star Wars set (#10175 Vader's TIE Advanced) that they showed off at BrickFest...

Reading through the comments on the video game site; generally they don't think there's a strong enough appeal for a Batman video game... I say pshaw! From what I understood (I haven't played the LEGO Star Wars game yet, but I just bought my copy), the game closely went along with the movie plot lines... This is where I think a LEGO Batman video game would be better... which plot line would the game developers follow... The Batman movies? Which Batman comic mini-series would do it? There's a wealth of good Batman stories that game developers could work with vs. some tired old Star Wars plot line.

Update: Who knew it would take the company 2 years for the video game since this announcement...

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