Monday, December 4, 2006

#6500 Holiday Village

Been reading through blogs, catching up on LEGO news, when I saw that an image of this set was added to Peeron... Looking on Lugnet, it might only have been released in the UK; or it might have had a limited release. Some parts that I think are totally out of character for 1996, aren't, which is surprising. These slopes are in red in the #6500 set, but they were released in purple in a Freestyle set back in '95. This fence piece shows up in red in the #6500, but was also release in green and white that same year in a freestyle set and a pirate set. The use of a palm tree, bush, tree foliage, and flowers just seem out of character for a set. Then throw in the 2x2 gray bricks to connect the baseplates together seems strange as well.

I'm not saying this set is a hoax, but there are elements to the set that seem just out of character... Look like someone took a FreeStyle bucket, a roadplate pack, and a minifig pack and created their own town set. Stickers provided by an Idea Book... except I can't place the graphics on the pizza delivery truck.

According to this post, the set may never have been released... and after analyzing it for a little while, I can see why. I'm wondering if stuff like this should be given it's own LEGO "urban legend" page somewhere... looks like questions about this set pop up every year about why it's in the catalog.

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