Saturday, August 11, 2007


Flew up to Detroit for NMRA...

... this post has gone unwritten for a few weeks now -- been busy & frustrated. We were close to selling our house in Ohio, but couldn't come to terms with the buyers -- we bent over backwards, but we weren't willing to give our house away. While I was up in Detroit, I made a detour to the old house in Ohio to move more stuff out of the house to our storage unit, in hopes of closing on the house. NMRA was enjoyable, but stressful; on one hand I wanted to help my GFLTC mate with manning the display, but on the other hand, I wanted to help my wife with the house negotiations.

Erika built this house for NMRA -- it was her first LEGO creation she made without instructions. I'm very happy with her first attempt; I hope she'll keep it up & try more. Everyone at NMRA was asking where she was... It's funny, she's more popular with my LEGO friends than I am. :)

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