Saturday, September 8, 2007


I created a web-site called BrickBuildr using Flickr's API (via phpFlickr). I read a few post on Lugnet about people found it hard to find AFOL's LEGO pictures on Flickr, that their LEGO pictures were mixed in with their personal photos. It was hard to browse, etc.

So far, I've asked 20+ people to join. An small cross-segment of LEGO photos total. From those photos, I created a tag-cloud from people's photos -- I think the cloud is a neat idea, btw. You're able to figure out what people are building & taking pictures on based on how many photos are tagged the same.

The only thing frustrating about it, Flickr seems to be having problems the last few days... It's been making indexing of pictures hard. And there seems to be a lag between adding a tag to a photo and for it to show up in the Flickr API. I spider out people's photos then add some of the information to a database. I plan to change it where instead of signing up for an account on BrickBuildr, you just authroize it via the API & this will created the enough information in the BrickBuildr database to start indexing a person's pictures. Maybe I'll get that finished next...

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