Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Next LEGO Project

So GFLUG got our next group project -- Miami Children's Hospital contacted our group about maybe doing a LEGO replica of their hospital. A few of us are going down to Miami to take pictures of the hospital and the surround campus. (This didn't happen.  KK ended up going on photo safari for us).  From what I see on-line, there's lots of bright colors -- many not in the LEGO color palette. We'll have to make some compromises. There is some teal around the windows... I haven't seen teal LEGO parts in a long time, so we'll have to BrickLink some of the parts we'll need. Overall, I'm excited about the project if the hospital accepts our proposal. Should be a cool thing for the kids. Our group will be posting pictures up on Flickr of our progress on the project.

With our photo-safari of Miami, FL, I'm also hoping to get some good pictures of local architecture and some of the art deco architecture that can be found up and down the strip, along the beach. We'll try working some building built in this style into our GFLTC displays. I'll post some of the nicer photos to my Flickr account later.

I've been working on the BrickWorld web-site in my spare time. It's been revamped for 2008 and looks much slicker, IMO. There's still a little more work to it to be done, but for right now, it should allow for registration... which I think Bryan will be announcing over on LUGNET soon...

There's another LEGO related project that I'm working on, but I can't say much about it yet... mainly because we haven't signed a venue yet. Once we do, I'll announce it here, over on LUGNET and a few other LEGO web-sites. I'm really excited about the idea and I hope other people will be too.

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