Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rock Raiders II

So I just read over on Eurobricks that Rock Raiders is making a come-back in 2009, but the new name is "Power Miners." The quote is, "Power Miners features a team of miners that dig into the Earth’s crust and encounter half-rock/half-crystal monsters. The range features collectible vehicles and mini-figures and monsters."

With the new molding process of mixing plastics, the half-rock/half-crystal monsters should look cool. And hopefully new colored power crystals.

Now, I like the Rock Raider line, so this isn't a bad thing. I thought it was a well thought out concept, but it needed to be developed more when it came to producing sets... more rock wall play-sets, maybe new parts to inspire underground cities or lost civilizations, or something that eluded to a rock-monster city -- I really do like the rock monster from the line.

Anyway, this gives me new hope for the return of "Time Twisters", "Time Cruisers" and the return of Timmy!

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