Monday, September 29, 2008

Shared LEGO Calendars on BrickBuildr

So a little background on this feature... Joe Meno and I were talking the other night about the idea of 'shared' calendars. I was explaining to him about my 'Central Florida Tech' calendar, that I had invited a person or two to add events to it & before I knew it, there were 10-15 people that were adding events to the calendar -- it grew beyond my expectations & took on a new life of it's own.

Joe was talking that his LEGO calendar was getting hard to maintain with all his editorial jobs with BrickJournal and would like to see something like that for the LEGO calendar. So last night we came up with 5 different types of LEGO calendars: (1) LEGO Club Events, (2) LEGO Conventions, (3) LEGO Contests, (4) LEGO Displays, (5) LEGO Mindstorms & FLL Events -- I had a shared LEGO calendar for GFLUG/GFLTC anyway, so Joe merged all of his events into my calendar, then we started moving events into the different types of calendars (we still have more work to do, but it's looking better).

Anyway, if you maintain a web-site, or a part of a LEGO group that would like to get the word out about your events, or would like to contribute to the shared calendar, send me a e-mail or Flickr mail me & I'll send you an invite, so you can start adding events.

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