Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BruickBuildr & Twitter

I've had a personal Twitter account for a few years now.  And in those years, I've micro-blogged about LEGO and my other personal interests, about life, work, and random ideas.  And if you don't mind that, add me as a friend.  But the spirit behind BrickBuildr was to build a web-site, using current social technologies -- Flickr in this case, to be very fan-of-LEGO-centric.

And over the past few years, I've collected personal blogs (like collecting e-mail addresses in the 90's).  There are features that I like/dislike about each & I would talk about things on that new blog until I got bored or frustrated, then move on.  A few months ago, I decided to move all of my fan-of-LEGO-centric blog entries to one location -- this blog.  There, you will see blog entries dating back to 1998 where I announced that I was getting back in to playing with LEGO.  Not that I feel that Blogger is the best blogging solution, but it's been the most convenient.

And everywhere you look, almost every solcial networking site has some type of micro-blog.  And like a creature of habit, I experiement looking for the the best one, but sometimes the best one isn't the most popular one (see Betamax vs. VHS debate) and the most poplular one wins out -- Twitter.  Love it or hate it, it's part of our technology zeitgeist.

So I set up a Twitter account for BrickBuildr and my fan-of-LEGO-centric thoughts.  I also created this Twitter account because of something happening over on Brickworld.  And this got me thinking, like watching an Apple press release/announcements via Twitter, you'll be able to follow BrickBuildr's Twitter account for similar information when my wife and I attend Brickworld.  And I'm sure that my comments will be just as unfiltered & snarky.  :)

But the real reason why I'm setting up the Twitter account is every day LEGO-centric things happen that I find interesting, everywhere.  Some are noteworthy, but I try to keep the chatter down on the blog to an entry every other day at the most.  I figured that on Twitter, I can post daily some of the interesting stories I run across, but for editorial reasons or time, don't want to post it to the blog.  And I promise not to tweet about "I'm off to work" or other stupid chatter that's not LEGO-centric meaningful... and we'll see how long that lasts.  :)

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