Sunday, May 10, 2009

LEGO on Craig's List

It's no secret, I occasionally look for LEGO deals on Craig's List. Every once in awhile find a deal, either for myself or my LEGO club-mates, but lately I've been running into things like this -- Watto's Junk Yard for $185. It's used... the Aldar Beedo fig is crap... it's not that great of a set for parts... and I find this quote "No lowballers Price is $185.00 CASH" just incredible. Obviously a LEGO Star Wars profiteer. I can buy one on Bricklink MISB for $145... the seller needs to get a clue.

And this Yoda figure is a great find for $50, part of a Target promotion from years ago. Looks like it's in great shape; be nice to have, but I'm passing on it. If someone buys it because of my post, please let me know and send pictures.

Now here's one of the scariest Craig's List items. They want you to get in on the ground floor of a franchise business called BRICKS 4 KIDZ. Either running after school class, summer camps, or birthday parties. The up-front investment is $25-75K; they're expecting your return to be up to $3M. It seems like a very shaky investment idea... especially considering the B4K web-site. Personally, I think Beth Weis does a better job -- her creations at Brickworld is just amazing.

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