Saturday, July 25, 2009

LEGO Family

originally uploaded by mhuffman.
The LEGO family statues at the Orlando LEGO Imagination Center has been moved from it's previous location to the far edge of the store, nearest the World of Disney store... I think this was to better help the flow of traffic -- there's always a constant flow of people around these statues, taking pictures of family members along side of LEGO family. The dogs are also a source of wonder in their life-like detail, that seem to fascinate anyone who has never seen them.

If you didn't know this, in each round window at the LIC is a 2-D scene of some popular cities from around the world -- Hong Kong, New York City, London, Paris, Moscow, etc. In each window, there's a miniland scale version of the LEGO family in each window, doing some wacky things. Look for them during your next trip to the Orlando LEGO Imagination Center.

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