Sunday, September 27, 2009

Engagement Picnic

LEGO #7183 [Engagement Picnic]
LEGO #7183 [Engagement Picnic],
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Just stumbled on this... so Joe prepared Kristin an anniversary picnic with a few LEGO surprises, as seen here. The first set contained Kristin and Joe (as minifigs) on bicycles. The next set contained a LEGO versions of their favorite things. The third set (pictured here) was a LEGO version of the exact picnic they were having (at the time) with Joe proposing to Kristin... at that point (I assume) Joe pulled out a (temporary) LEGO engagement ring in a LEGO ring box.

I must say, best LEGO engagement idea, evar!

Congratulations you two and may you two have many years together, filled happiness and MOC building!

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