Saturday, November 7, 2009

Festival of the Masters Next Weekend

FotM & Joe
FotM & Joe,
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Festival of the Masters (FotM) is coming up next weekend (Nov. 13th to 15th) in Orlando, FL. It's held once a year in Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World. If you've never been, it's a very fun event... On the east side of Downtown Disney, there are sidewalk chalk artist everywhere (professional to high-school kids), that create works of art in 3 days. On the west side of Downtown Disney, you have professional artists with booths, ranging from metal working, paintings, pottery, mixed media, sculpture, etc. And by the LEGO Imagination Center (LIC), you'll have us, the Greater Florida LEGO User Group (GFLUG) along with a few of our friends from up north.

This year's theme in which we build our MOC creations is "Legends and Icons". If you check our my Flickr set, you'll see I've been working on a Wizard of Oz MOC -- my wife decided this year that we'd do the scene where Dorothy first lands in Oz... I'm doing a mix of traditional elements from the movie and partly a fantasy castle look... I'm about 1/2 finished; I still have a lot to build in the next few days. ;)

Anyway, if you're in town, come check us out. Display space has been spoken for, but you're welcome to come hang out with us.

Now, I'll let you in on a little secret... last year, right before the general release of Pirate II sets, the LIC had them in stock for FotM... Be watching mine & Joe Meno's flick account if something like this happens again, or check out the GFLUG group poll Flickr account... or any GFLUG memeber's Flickr account, for that matter.


Brickapolis said...

Make sure Joe brings some Toy Story sets back home!

brickbuilder711 said...

If only I was there. I don't know if any 2010 sets will be there, that's down to the pictoral log from you, Joe, Robin, and Scott. I'll see you guys next show, I guess.