Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BrickMagic: Motorized LEGO Boat Race

BrickMagic: Motorized LEGO Boat Race: ", lugnet.announce, FUT:

This is a call for participation in a Motorized LEGO Boat Race to be held at BrickMagic - a LEGO Fan event in Raleigh, North Carolina on May 7, 8, and 9, 2010 - Mother’s Day weekend!

I had posted the rules awhile back & they have worked well for us at GFLUG for the past 2 years. I will probably amend the rules a little as it applies to BrickMagic and post the official ones on the BrickMagic web-site.

There will be 2 to 3 different heaps -- simple (from one side of the pool to the other), simple (a lap of the pool; back and forth), and advance (around the pool and around obstacles).

There will be trophies and prizes for winners and sinkers -- possible categories:

Davy Jones Award for Boat that Sank the Fastest
Doofensmirtz Award for Advanced Boat that Sank Itself
Best Boat Float - Best Themed Boat

Some disclaimers about the boat race:
  1. Everyone who participates must be an adult & understands the risks to their LEGO motorized boat; that no one will be responsible for water damaged parts, nor any part replacement.
  2. Everyone around the pool, everyone must exercise caution to not slip -- meaning no shoes & maybe wear swim attire, no running.
  3. There will be zero tolerance for alcohol during the race... afterwards is a different story.
  4. Disclaimer and rules are subject to change.
If you have any questions, need clarification on rules, or just plan to participate, please send me an e-mail.

Some final thoughts:
  • Always remember try out your boat in water before the event.
  • Don’t over engineer the problem, sometime simpler is faster.
  • Water-proof your electronics! Can’t stress this enough.
  • There is a limited range to some LEGO electronics, this became painfully obvious as we maneuvered boats around the pool
Mike Huffman
BrickMagic Motorized LEGO Boat Race Coordinator

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