Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Building Commissions (part 1)

Miami Children's Hospital
Miami Children's Hospital,
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So Joe Meno asked me to do a presentation at BrickMagic on "Building Commissions" -- personally, I don't know if I'm really the right person to do it, but whatever.

To give you'll a little background, a few years ago, one of our LUGmates got a phone call about a LEGO building commission work -- a company who remodeled one of the local hospitals wanted to commemorate the event in LEGO, but the catch was, it needed to be done in two weeks.  After some discussion within our group, we decided to take on the project -- the structure was simple enough, we used LEGO from our local PaB wall and from our personal collections, and we felt like we had enough time to make it happen.  And, if you looked at the pictures of the completed model, the client was happy with our work.  Because of our success, we decided to form a small company called Brick Replicas, LLC... be continued...

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