Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BrickMagic Bound

We should start making the journey northward to Raleigh soon.  I'm hoping to take some video and post pictures from the event on my Flickr account, so look there for updates, starting Thursday night.  It's been a mad dash to get everything ready -- my MOCs have been packed, but I still haven't had time to work on my boat for the boat race.  Most likely, I'll be working on that Thursday night before we hit the midnight showing of Iron Man 2 -- I've got a lot of Technic parts packed, a few boat motors, an old boat weight, and a haul... And Spongebob, who's at the wheel... just wish I could find the smaller boat hauls that I set aside for the race!

And need to find time to brush up on my presentations.  *sigh*

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