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BricksNorth Contest

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CONTEST - BricksNorth Needs a Logo:
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where: Downtown Toronto, Ontario Canada at the Delta Chelsea Hotel.
when: August 25-28th, 2011

Hello everybody!!

Some of you may have heard that Canada will be getting a LEGO fan convention in 2011 called BricksNorth. I am so pleased to be able to be a part of such a worthwhile enterprise!! I sure hope I can pull this off as Canada has many does my schedule! But I am fortunate to have the help of many terrific local AFOLs and the advice of my esteemed fellow North American event coordinators so I'm not too worried. (yet!)

I do have a very very full plate lately and it is of the utmost importance that the BricksNorth website gets put up very soon. So many people seem want to get on the attendance list and I'd like to give them that opportunity as soon as possible. To do so I need your help to get a LOGO designed for the event.

Here's what I propose! I need ideas from you all. Anyone who submits the chosen idea for the BricksNorth logo will win a $50 gift certificate to be used in my BrickLink store IF the winning idea is submitted as finished artwork that needs little revising then the prize increases to $100 to spend in my store. So bring on your imaginative ideas!! I need them desperately so I can get things rolling.

Not much has been decided outside of the dates and venue for this event so it's wide open to whatever you think this should be. Canadian is an important consideration of course...and the location is Toronto but that needs not play a big role.

The deadline for submissions is Monday June 14th at midnight EST so that my right hand man Jeff Van Winden and I can discuss the results for ten hours on our drive to BrickWorld the following day. LOL

Good luck everyone! And feel free to pass this around or post it to any other forums/groups you frequent. Anything you can do to help is very very much appreciated.

Jenn Wagner

I think this is open to everyone, Canadian or not. :)

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