Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Dewback & 6 Endor Trees

6 Endor Trees
6 Endor Trees,
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So today I finished building trees for Endor & Star Wars Celebration V... I'm actually up to 9 trees now. In my quest to find parts, I've been doing a little sorting & hunting for parts. In the process, I found my Dewback -- I'm excited. I plan to tackle the Tatooine landscape after finishing up with Endor's landscape. What I didn't now, the cheapest Dewbacks on Bricklink is $25. Holy Crap! If worse came to worse, I have an unopened #4501 -- the cheapest on Bricklink is $125. Holy Crap!

Now I'm left with the dilemma, do I open the set for a 2nd Dewback or not?

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brickbuilder711 said...

Wow, Mike, I don't know about the 4501, those sand tones must be really tempting... ;) Either way, great find!