Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book on the 25th Anniversary of the LEGO Company

Gary Istok posted over on Bricklink:

Clark Bakker, a New York LEGO enthusiast recently notified me of a very very rare LEGO book that he had gotten a copy of.

It was the 1957 25 YEARS OF THE LEGO COMPANY book, in Danish... and supposedly made just for the LEGO employees (which numbered about 140 by the end of 1957). So even with extra copies for LEGO suppliers, the total population of this book
is very low, and may be the rarest of all LEGO paper items.

Check it out here on FLICKR. Clark Bakker got some Danish folks to translate the Danish printing, and I added comments to about 1/2 of images of the 40 page book that is spiral bound...

My favorite pages are 32-33... which show the LEGO products that were soon discontinued (page 32, by 1960), as well as the newer LEGO System of Play products that had recently been introduced (page 33, in 1955) and would be the future direction of the company.

This book is really a treasure trove of old historic facts about the company...
Yes, this is a great historical find, indeed!

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