Monday, May 7, 2012

More Updates

One of my ideas for BrickBuildr is to (down the road) better integrate the web-site with Flickr, Facebook, Google+, and Open ID.  I honestly don't want to store any passwords on BrickBuildr; so you'd simply log into one of the partner services, and if BrickBuildr is an authorized web-site, you'll be redirected back as being logged in, with access to your information... Since most of the 'accounts' on BrickBuildr originate from Flickr, Flickr integration is easy enough to do; so as of last Friday, if you sign into the web-site via Flickr (instead of using the 'join' button), you can by-pass reCaptcha...  

You'll also noticed on the web-site that I removed the list of 'friends' web-site from the left hand side, and I added a drop down item called 'sites' -- all of that information have been moved there.  In it's place, I've added a few images with links to web-sites I enjoy and a few up-coming LEGO (US) conventions.

There are a large number of LEGO fan sites.  If you read through my On-Line LEGO Community presentation, you see I only touch the tip of the iceberg.  The decision to move the list of web-site it's partly spurred by my desire to expand upon that list.  And somehow figure out a way to organize the list... and somehow pull out/highlight some of those web-sites in a better fashion.  For right now, the list is crude -- just the web-site name and URL.  But that should change over the next few weeks.

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