Thursday, July 26, 2012

An Interview, A Presentation and An Update

Over at A Look at LEGO podcast, a friend of mine, Paul Janssen was interviewed about building the Ohio State University horseshoe... I haven't seen it in person yet, but I know it's a monster build.  I vaguely remember when he announce to the LUG that he was going to build it, so it was nice to reminisce.

Thinking about monster LEGO buildings reminded me of a presentation that I gave at BrickMagic '10, on Building Commissions.  I had uploaded it to BrickBuildr, but under the 'downloads' section, I guess I forgot to add a link -- it's there now.

I should update the presentation a little, there's more information I could add, now that we've completed the Miami Children's Hospital build... updated photos of the model, a small picture gallery of source images, a quick snapshot of architecture drawings we used, etc., to give a rough idea of the process we go through for building a large model.  It sounds like a similar process Paul went through to build the horseshoe, but he was a one man builder, whereas we had 4 builders.

On a side note, our LUG is getting ready for Star Wars Celebration VI.  Which means I've been a slacker, and only have a few weeks left to build.  :)  I've started on project if you haven't seen it in my Flickr stream -- I'm a little further along than what's pictured here, but not much...

If you're going to be in town for Star Wars Celebration, give us a shout out.

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