Monday, August 13, 2012

Star Wars Celebration VI & BrickHaven

Larger Head So GFLUG and myself has been busy getting ready for Star Wars Celebration VI coming up Aug. 23-26 here in Orlando, FL.  It was a lot of fun last time around, this year is proving to be just as exciting to see what people will build and bring to the event.

One of the ideas I had this time around was to combine the Minifigure Presentation Boxes with Han in Carbonite -- to create a play on the Darth Vader figure storage case I had as a kid.  I'm also working on a light-up Mustafar display again (slightly larger). And I'm thinking about building a Wookie tree house from the Star Wars Christmas special, including a Santa Yoda.  :)

In other news, I got a call from Legoland FL about doing an AFOL event at Legoland, come fall time.  We're calling it BrickHaven; a play on the town Legoland, FL is located in (Winter Haven).  Looking at dates, the best one I could come up with is the weekend of Nov. 3 & 4 -- it's short notice, but it's the weekend after Brick-or-Treat and the weekend before Festival of the Masters -- so if anyone is looking for an excuse to take a vacation for a week, that would be a fun filled LEGO week.

Keep an eye on the web-site for updates, I'll be posting them there.  I've set up a Facebook Group if anyone is interested.  Right now I'm looking for support and feedback, so e-mail me at

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