Sunday, August 4, 2013


Just a heads up, now that the move to the new server is complete, I'll be making some changes to web site to make it more mobile device friendly.  The changes will probably take a few days, so I apologise in advance if the web-site appears broken.

There's a few changes I need to implement over the next few weeks, each requiring time and planning.  Here's some of the changes on my TO DO list:

  • Redesign the web-site to be more clean looking and mobile friendly.
  • Changes to the database to allow for user profile integration with Facebook, Google, OpenID, etc.
  • Write code to manage your profile.
  • Allow for updating a stores PaB via a spreadsheet.
  • Create an API to update PaB information, to allow integration with other applications/web-sites.
That's only the ones I can talk about for now.  :)

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