Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quick Part Update

For those of you unaware, the Orlando PaB (the one closest to me) changes stock daily; and any new parts that show up to the wall get snatched up very quickly.  I knew that the olive green cheese wedges had made it to some of the stores nation-wide, but by the time us local fans find out about them being at the store, more times than I care to count, they're all sold out.  We did manage to find some at Legoland and the new 1x1 round tile piece -- needless to say, I spent too much money that day.

Anyway, coming back from our Seattle trip, we found chess wedges and a few other new parts.  I've just added them to the web-site -- 2x2 jumper plate, and the 2x2 round brick with grill.  I've also wrote a quick script to be in the position to add parts to the web-site sooner, so hopefully I'll be able to respond faster to additions.

1 comment:

Tolga E. said...

I'm really hoping these parts make it soon to Sawgrass and Aventura. I tried to bug Sawgrass's manager about it but to little avail. lol