Thursday, September 14, 2000

LEGO/MLS Soccer Truck

Here's a pict from one of my trips to the LEGO/MLS Soccer Experience truck. It was raining my first trip & sunny the second time. Not all my pictures came out -- the lighting inside the truck wasn't very good for picture taking.

LEGO decked out this truck that you could walk through with displays of their current LEGO line. This was the truck... it went from town to town to different TRUs. Outside, you were suppose to play some of the soccer sets on tables (not shown here because of the rain), and inside was a LEGO statue of Brian McBride (of Columbus Crew fame). Anyway, there were different compartments of LEGO themes -- castle, town with an explosion of soccerballs from the soccer ball plant, racers, Star Wars, and duplo -- no 9V train. And at the end of the tour, they handed out promotional MLS soccer Duplo bricks.

From what I understand, the truck went to a Columbus Crew game -- before the game, they handed out the European soccer minifig in a small poly bag & coupons to buy LEGO sports sets.

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