Sunday, August 1, 2004

Dennison, Ohio TrainFest 2004

I've driven to Dennison, Ohio 2 times now & tomorrow will make 3 -- it's about a 2 hr drive from Columbus. The TrainFestival is in full swing. Seen a few people from work there... Every time I turned around, people were complimenting us on our display. I'm glad it turned out so nice, despite the rain.

Got there around noon today. We had set up the display outside underneath a tent on Thursday. From what I understand, there was a few inches of standing water under our display from the rain Friday night. We're hoping the table legs don't warp. A member had to build a rain drop splash guard to keep it from dripping on the tracks -- water dripped in between the seams of the tent. I'm glad the rain didn't keep the crowds away...

Off to get rest before tomorrow. 12+ hours to set up, hopefully 2-3 to tear down...

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