Monday, March 26, 2007

AFOLs In Town

If you haven't been reading LUGNET lately, it's okay. I haven't been either. It was by luck that I have messages from the Buy/Sell/Trade group e-mailed to me. I saw that Janey "Red Brick" was in town on vacation. I sent off an e-mail to her about meeting up for dinner, if she had any free time -- she did; last Saturday night. Robin Warner, Janey, my wife & I met up at the LEGO store in Downtown Disney and grabbed dinner together at Wolfgang Pucks -- very nice time! It gave Erika & I a chance to get to know Janey better -- we've talked with her before at Brickfest (in years past), but it was nice to not have to share her with her Canadian cohorts. :)

On Sunday night, JT was in town from Georgia. Another person I've gotten a chance to meet at Brickfest. Had a quite dinner (again, Robin, my wife & I) with JT. It was a very nice night as well.

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