Monday, April 9, 2007

LEGO Sunflowers

I saw this on a 1000Steine post and thought to myself, those would be cool to make for our layout; I'll order some of the green antennas and green 1x1 plates with clip, I should have a few yellow radar dishes & brown 1x1 round plates, that it shouldn't be too hard to make... Then I saw the cost. Green antennas are around $0.65/each or $1.20 for green umbrella holders. The plates with clips are just as hard to find, unless you like lime green. UGH... so this simple design is around $3-4 via BrickLink prices. And I can't tell if the fence pieces are white, or tan, or light-yellow... If it's not white, probably add another $1-2 for each fence piece... Looked on BrickLink, they seem to only come in white, black or yellow...

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