Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BrickBuildr's Short Term Roadmap

So, I found out it's about 50 posts before Google's spam filters kick in... that's good to know. :)

Over the next few weeks as time permits, Brickbuildr will undergo a few changes...

I hoping to integrate the web-site with OpenID. Rather than go into details, if you've got a Flickr/Yahoo/Google account, setting it up to use OpenID is pretty easy -- both Google/Yahoo support OpenID. Bottom line, I want to add some features to BrickBuildr (ie. tie your Bricklink store with your ID, tie your Brickshelf account (if you still have one) to your ID, point people to your MOCpages account, etc.), but before I can do that, you need to be authenticated (are you who you say you are?). Once authenticated, you can edit your "profile"!

I'm finding out that grabbing images from Picasa is almost as easy as grabbing them from Flickr. Now all I have to do it make some changes on the back end (the database) to start looking in both places... and if people use other images hosting web-site (like PhotoBucket), I need to take that into account as well.

There's a few other changes I'd like to implement to iPick-a-Brick... A 'sold out' button any can hit if they call about a part and it's been sold out... Like to do a 'sold out' watermark to go over the part once this button has been hit...

I'm sure there's a few other back-burner projects for the web-site, but I can think of them now... If I do, I'll blog about them... or if you'll have any suggestions, let me know.

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