Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Adding Old Content

I've been slowly moving my LEGO-related blog content to BrickBuild's blog. I've written a script to do it automatically, but after adding about 20 or so blog entries, Blogger's spam filters kick in, complaining with a "Blog has exceeded rate limit or otherwise requires word verification for new posts" message. So it's been frustrating to say the least.

Right now, most of the posts are saved as drafts, then I go through the process of updating the links & pictures references. Most of the content is old, but fun to look at, even years later. If I find something relevant, I'll update the date so it pops up on the front page of BrickBuildr... I especially like this post about LEGO Sunflowers -- took me forever to find the picture, it wasn't where it was over on, from a few years ago.

Also, to let everyone know, I'm working on getting Google's Picasa integrated with BrickBuildr...

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