Friday, January 9, 2009

Found: Melted Lego Lamp

Found: Melted Lego Lamp
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Ok, there was a link to this off of I was shocked & horrified... It's twisted... It's cruel... Oh, the humanity!

But it's totally cool! I want to build one now! :)

So basically it's:

* Preheat oven (375 - 475)
* Line pan with foil
* Arrange LEGO bricks
* Bake bake bake
* Remove pan from oven
* Remove shot glass from center
* Immediately lift hot gooey piece from pan by its foil lining and place on "mold." In this case I used an old lamp shade to mimic the shape.
* Squish down with oven mitts
* Let cool & that's it!

It was picked up from here and here!

Enjoy and discuss!

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