Tuesday, January 13, 2009

LEGO Club Magazine Subscription

Just received an e-mail from a business partner about a FREE 2 Year Subscription to Lego Club Magazine. Which is a little surprising, considering out-side of co-workers, I don't let too many people know that I build creations out of LEGO. :)  Anyway, if you haven't signed up, do it.  Even though you hear about new sets on the internet months before they're "officially" revealed through LEGO's news channels, there's coupons, information about cross-promotions (ie. Kellog LEGO fruit snacks), and neat stories inside.  In this issue, it seams LEGO is spinning off another magazine called LEGO Club Jr for the 6 and younger crowd.

My only complaint about the magazine (and I know it's geared towards kids, so enough complaining that the magazine is too dumbed down), it really needs to focus a little more on the company & events at LEGO retail stores (ie. where will the LEGO master builders be next 2 months? the Obama's inauguration display in Legoland CA?) and at the LEGO community at large (Brickfest PDX anyone?)

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