Thursday, February 26, 2009

"LightBright" Mosaic

originally uploaded by DJ Baggadonuts.
Builder DJ Baggadonuts created a mosaic using Black 1 x 1 Modified Bricks with Headlight and gem pieces that can be lit up from the back like a LightBright. Wonderful concept! And beautiful MOC of his daughter.

UPDATE( 03/22/09): Looks like DJ Baggadounuts has published pictures of an updated mosaic MOC of his daughter. I can't emphasize this enough, this is such a wonderful concept!


dj_baggadonuts said...

Hi. Just wanted to clarify that I didn't modify any bricks to build the mosaic. The gems are inserted into what the LEGO store calls an "angular brick" which is a 1x1 brick with a hole in one face that goes through to the other side. I simply stuck the stem of the jewel in to the front hold so that lies horizontal when the brick is stacked up vertically. I've made a much larger piece which I'll be posting pictures of shortly both on Flickr and on my new personal LEGO creations site that displays my work.

Thanks for the great site.

Michael said...

The term "modified" referred to the type of brick you used. I gather what brick you used from your description. I did not mean to imply that you modified the brick in any way... Anyway, I love your 3D mosaic work. Keep up the good building.