Wednesday, March 4, 2009

LEGO Pirate Battleship

My LEGO Pirate Battleship
My LEGO Pirate Battleship,
originally uploaded by mhuffman.
So a little horn blowing... Over the weekend, my LEGO club, GFLUG, had a display at MegaCon in Orlando, FL. It was crazy fun to say the least. Anyway, for the show, I decided to add something to the LEGO gaming area -- my version of LEGO Pirate Battleship. I wanted it to be table top sized and micro-scaled... so two people could sit down and play it and lots of people could stand around it to watch. The size was right, but the micro-scaled didn't happen -- ran out of time to build between work and life. Anyway, it was functional -- a few kids had fun playing it.

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