Thursday, January 7, 2010

Unleash Your LEGO

Block party
Block party,
originally uploaded by Brett Jordan.

So when I first saw this, I thought it was cool advertising -- Unleash your LEGO. Looks to me like someone overturned a bucket onto the ground and LEGO was unleashed. I clicked to look at 'all sizes', hoping to get a better look at the yellow LEGO parts -- the AFOL in me wanted to know what they were. Then I noticed that the yellow/red parts looked deliberate. Then I thought to myself, let me zoom out, is something there? Then I noticed the red round 2x2 brick 'eye' and the outline of a green dragon, being unleashed from the box... and I though how cool and why didn't I see that sooner!

The photo reminded me of a story. Back in college, some friends and I took a road trip to down the east coast (from Boston to DC). There were four of us that made the road trip -- a business major, a art/architect major, and two computer engineers (me and some other guy). In Boston, we stopped at art museum near MIT-- something the architect wanted to do, but we were all for it. In this one room, there was this huge Jackson Pollock looking painting. I gave it a 10 sec glance and was ready to move on... It didn't interest me that much. But to my architecture friend, he spent maybe 10 minutes looking at it before I asked him what was so interesting about it. He talked about the randomness of the paint smatterings, but the thing that fascinated him were the deliberate brush strokes on the canvas; he wanted to figure out the story there -- he was wondering if there was anything to learn from the angles of the brush strokes or if there was a reason for these deliberate marks on what seems like randomness.

In this advert, however, it only took a few moments to discover the meaning behind these LEGO brush strokes...

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Unknown said...

To me it looks like the world exploding and legos are coming out of the middle.

But after you said dragon, i can see that too.