Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Email: Merlin plans to build Legoland at Cypress Gardens

So this is interesting news... I'm not holding my breath when there was speculation earlier last year about Merlin planning on building a Legoland in Florida, but now I'm starting to wonder if the rumors are coming true. My wife looked at me and said, "you know this is dangerous to have a Legoland within 30 minutes of our house, right?" I just smiled... real big.

Email: Merlin plans to build Legoland at Cypress Gardens: "
Looks like Cypress Gardens will become a Legoland theme park.
Though Merlin Entertainments Group hasn’t yet publicly revealed its plans for the venerable Polk County attraction, which it purchased earlier this month, an email sent yesterday from a Polk tourism official to local elected officials indicates that the company plans to make Cypress Gardens its second Legoland in the U.S.
“Legoland Florida will be the fifth Legoland attraction worldwide,” Mark Jackson, director with sports marketing Central Florida Tourism & Sports Marketing, writes in the email.
“Merlin’s massive research in the area already indicated that the Legoland brand already has high recognition and a 90 percent intention to visit by families in their target market,” Jackson added.
The existence of the email was first reported by the Lakeland Ledger.
Merlin, which owns Legoland, has scheduled a news conference for tomorrow morning to discuss its plans for Cypress Gardens
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Earlier this year when rumors first floated about Legoland owners Merlin buying up Cypress Gardens or some other Orlando-area location, Theme Park Rangers blogger Dewayne Bevil asked his readers how far they would drive for a Legoland. Read the post here."

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