Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Stock Room

So this feature probably shouldn't have taken this long to implement, but I got a request to add the Saarbrücken, Germany store (a 8x6 wall) with a few extra columns to indicate parts the store might have in the back room.  After thinking about it, it really wasn't that hard to make that happen.  I have gotten some requests in the past to do this for stores that combine similar parts into the same container, but how to solve the problem just didn't "click" until now.   *smack head*

Anyway, I'll probably start adding a 'stock room' column(s) to some of the German stores first.  If you think your neighborhood store needs a stock room column, let me know.

I've also gotten a few other great suggestions to show some basic PaB statistics, but I'm also pondering a upgrade to the web-site's look-n-feel... I'm hoping to get to both soon.

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