Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Colors & 12 New LEGO Stores

Just a quick update: I've been asked to add trans-purple and dark purple to the list of available part colors; these colors are turning up on the Copenhagen, Denmark PaB wall. I ended up taking a few minutes to add all the new 2012 colors to the database as well, so now the drop down list of colors are all colors produced in 2011-2012... Granted, some of these color probably will not show up in PaB, but they're there just in case.

According to the newest LEGO Store flyer, there will be some new stores opening up this summer.  I took a few moments to also add the 12 new stores to the database.

Remember, e-mail me at if you run across new parts, new colors, or if you find out the dimensions of any undocumented store.

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Tolga E. said...

It's that time of year :) ... Usually around Springtime, the pallet changes a bit in the PAB walls. Nice to hear! I can't wait to pick these off soon.