Sunday, January 31, 2010

iPaB Update Form

Haven't had time to update the web-site lately... I've added some missing parts to the iPaB database today & with the help from Moctagon Jones, the Orlando LEGO Imagination Center's PaB has been update.  There are now inventory from a total of 21 LEGO stores and their PaB walls on-line... The sad thing is, only a few of them have been updated in the last few months, or even updated at all.

In other news, Moctagon Jones came up with a low-tech device (in the form of a speadsheet) to update the iPaB wall.  So with his permission, download the iPaB update form. Print it out, take it to your local LEGO store, write down the parts description/color, then update iPaB!  

And again, if you don't find your local LEGO store, send me a Flickr mail letting me know the dimensions of your LEGO store's PaB and I'll get it added ASAP!

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