Thursday, September 25, 2008

New iPaB Wall View on BrickBuildr

I was so exicited when I first released iPaB. When I told my LUG-mates about it, their only criticism (in jest) was "you should make a wall view where you can see everything on one page." Grrr... I thought.

So now, a few months after the fact, here it is. There's still a few bugs to work out with it, but for now, enjoy.

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I bathe in Legos said...

Um... that's my wall. Quite literally so. I'm in charge of the PaB wall at the Washington Square mall location.
You want updates? I'm the girl with the inside scoop.
I've added so many new pieces to the wall since this was done.
Anyone want certain things on the wall, feel free to ask. If it's available I guarantee I'll put it on the wall.